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Okay, not knitting, crocheting ~ 12 Great Methods for Joining Crochet Afghan Squares and Blocks! Gotta learn how to crochet

Lots of good join- and edge ideas Scroll down to Scallop join How- to onGourmet Crochet

Crochet - Joining granny squares without seams.

Bubble Squares - I like this baby afghan really different

granny squares' , joining tutorial roundup... ✿Teresa Restegui✿

gorgeous way to join squares. Link to tutorial.

Flat braid join tutorial by Gourmet Crochet.

Ravelry: flao64's Granny patchwork I think this is the most beautiful granny square project I have ever seen!

Crochet! -- Talking crochet ...


Joining pieces - invisible.

Spiral crochet square

12 ways to join granny squares.

Knot Your Nana's Crochet: 10. Different Ways To Join Granny Squares ♡ Teresa Restegui ♡

Puff Stitch Square Written Instructions - Free crochet patterns, lessons and video tutorials for the beginner. Teaching the world to crochet, one stitch at a time. Free crochet lessons and video tutorials for beginner crocheters. More from Crochet Geek on You...

How to join granny squares - good tutorial #crochet #technique

Jenny Makes Crochet: Simple, neat way to join afghan squares: Whit's Kn...


scalloped border: she explains really clearly how to crochet a scalloped border ♡ Teresa Restegui ♡