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For the Rainbow Collector.

Rainbow Cat

watercolor deer/Cassandra Midkiff

Show Off Your Colors!

Native American Inspired Rainbow Fluorite Turtle Totem Necklace by DreamspiritCreations

Topsail Turtle

Rainbow eagle!

Rainbow colored seahorse :)

Quoth The Rainbow Print Edgar Allen Poe by PaintMyWorldRainbow

Malcolm Jagamarra ~ Rainbow Snake Dreaming, 1993

luck + fortune

The Harder You Work the Luckier You Get. (Word!)

gorgeous green lace

Inspiration. {The Eiffel Tower getting struck by lightning on Sep 1, 2011}

Unbelievable beauty.

Someone is (or will be) LUCKY to have YOU! [Word.]

four leaves. [forest floor]

Spectacular! [Aurorae Erupt over Norway]