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Shahid Khan - migrates from Pakistan at the age of 16 & gets a job washing dishes, puts himself through U of Illinois. Founds a company with a few thousand bucks and creates a one-piece car bumper that becomes the standard. Today, Flex-N-Gate generates $3,000,000,000 a year is sales to 41 car brands. He recently become the first minority NFL owner after buying the Jaguars for seven hundred million dollars. That's what I'm talking about! See the Forbes, March 26, 2012, Billionaires issue.

The Top of Kilimanjaro by Governor Gary Johnson, via Flickr #GaryJohnson #Presidential #Candidate for #2012 #Libertarian means I stand for personal liberties!!

Boredom can easily strike anyone at any time of the day. No matter how interesting things can be, it can still become boring if done over and over again. And all people need to loosen up and have time to exercise their creative side and one of the easiest way to do it is toRead more

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