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Yay Baseball!

New Year's Resolutions

bacon... Do the right thing.

winter of our disco-tent

Mayan End of the World - explained

Mayan End of the World - explained

BREAKING: Crime-Wave In Canada. Police bust Maple Syrup Heist.

Instagram has new Terms of Service

BREAKING: poop joke makes headlines

With the end of the world scheduled for Friday, tonight’s Monday Night Football game between the New York Jets and the Tennessee Titans is the last football game anyone will ever see. Thanks NFL.

The real reason Santa isn't coming this year.

Newtown, CT Elementary School Shooting 30 people dead, 18-20 were children. This is not the way God wants things. Make a different choice.

yeah... I'd postpone that too.

back in my day we called spilled soda "Cinemuck"

Godzilla Explained

So... the Pinterest logo and the Phillies logo? Coincidence?