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Das Büchel: Ancient wooden instrument related to the Alphorn. Traditionaly strong in Central SWITZERLAND. (by steffi's, via Flickr)

The Double Aulos -was known to Ancient Greeks and Romans alike. There is even reference to the Emperor Nero playing it..

Pyrophone. Literally meaning “fire sound,” a pyrophone is a musical instrument that features a series of pipes like an organ or calliop and creates sound by applying combustion to the pipes through gasoline.

Qeychak / Qichak It is one of the ancient Iranian classical instruments. The oldest sample instrument still remaining is comprised of a dual box and the surface of the lower one is covered by a hide. The produced tune is first transferred from the lower box to the upper one, from where it is broadcast through two wide openings.

"A very rare example of the work of Hans Krouchdaler (Bern, Switzerland, ca. 1700), who, although residing in Bern, can be thought of as being a representative of the Alemanisch School. He was a pupil of perhaps the most significant luthier of this school, Joseph Meyer, from Pfaffenhausen, Germany."