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Here you go teacher friends! @Courtney Davis-Herren, @Kristy Moreno, @Faith Darilek, @Jacque Rudd, @Jamie Cortez, @Samantha Judd, @Stephanye Abraham :)

Dear students, I know when you're texting in class. Seriously, no one just looks down at their crotch and smile. Sincerely, Your teacher

Over-achieving teachers. Too accurate. College humor is always the best. Probably because we need to laugh at our pain and suffering so bad. Ha! Love it!

there is nothing i love more than a teacher with an awesome sense of humor.*i wish my teachers were like this in high school.

Mr Thomas is going to have his hands full with this kid!

This Teacher Will Have An Interesting Year With This Kid, So rude yet so funny!

Wish some of my teachers had one of these, too...

New grading system…

If my teachers ever had this I would probably fail just to get a stamp! Gandalf "You Shall not Pass" rubber stamp for teachers.


New hall pass idea : How to reduce unnecessary trips to the bathroom. ( If TCTA can pin it, so can I.

hahaha by lorie

Teacher's dream tool "WTF" stamp- for when students' writing in no way pertains to the subject they were supposed to be writing about.

read the second paragraph, then look at his grade.

this kid is my hero and i also respect his thoughts about the diff between sprite and sierra mist. fuck you, sierra mist.

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Talkative Students

This was so me in school!My Dad would always ask me as a Kid and even now as a teacher if they didn't let me talk in school. Because I'd talk so much when I got home!


Funny pictures about This is what you get when you write on a math quiz. Oh, and cool pics about This is what you get when you write on a math quiz. Also, This is what you get when you write on a math quiz.