Amber Champagne coloring

Rise N Shine Daydream Believr, Welsh stallion standing at Secret Ambition Stables

Taskin - Here is the rare champagne buckskin Gypsy Vanner, Taskin. This Gypsy stallion competes and wins, with several championships to his name, in Pleasure Driving and under saddle events. Taskin's beauty is so undeniable, he's been recreated as Breyer horse.

"Multicolor II" is a German Warmblood stallion with striking presence thanks to his sooty buckskin coloring and gorgeous tobiano markings. How flashy!

Appaloosa stallion Color Me Codee Blue

Gab Creek Golden Vaquero 2003 Morgan stallion

Beautiful mane.. Norwegian Fjord horse.Usually their manes are cropped so the dark hairs form a straight line that continues down their backs to their tails,but this looks really pretty,all grown out

Blue roan. A horse coat color pattern characterized by an even mixture of colored and white hairs on the body, while the head and "points"—lower legs, mane and tail—are more solid-colored. The roan pattern is dominantly-inherited, and is found in many horse breeds.


I want him:)

Noriker stallion Merlin Nero XV

Friesian/Pinto-Saddlebred Stallion

Puerto Rican Paso Fino Stallion

Buckskin Quarter Horse

Gorgeous(rare) grey Morgan stallion

Love the colors!

Galway Warrior - Drum Horse Stallion

Stallion Copper Coin from Westmoreland Farm