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Pastor Steven L. Anderson, of Arizona. For the why, please see my blog post, "Totally bizarre and utterly untrue: claims by Pastor Steven L. Anderson about Germany":

Edward Snowden talking about New President Donald Trump - some of us still think he is a hero!

An #ff for @RazaRumi - journalism, literature and culture in #Pakistan - blog by Gurdur - --- please support Raza Rumi, @Sana Saleem and others like them.

11-Yr-Old Suspended From School For Merely TALKING About Guns. If you can't get rid of the 2nd amendment, start scaring the young. Teach your children to refuse to comment until you are present.

Reporting on Church of England ‪#synod‬ in July - ‪#BYOC‬, Bring Your Own Collaboration ‪#CofE‬ ‪#Anglican‬ ‪#religion

Christopher Columbus is not the father of America. He's the psychopath who found young America, kidnapped it, raped it, did all manner of horrible things, eventually gave it Stockholm Syndrome and now we have a federal holiday for somebody with a death toll comparable to most wars.