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Bugs in the Sensory Table

Back in September, when my class did a unit on Bugs, we did this Sensory Table activity. I added about 3 bags of green Easter grass to the sensory table, and hid plastic ladybugs and ants in the grass. Each child at the sensory table used a pair of tweezers and a bug box. They …
  • Mary Katherine

    Bug hunt with Tweezers & Easter grass in sensory table + a bunch of other great sensory table ideas

  • Laura-Leigh Mohr

    Fun fine motor activity with bugs in the sensory table. Pick up some Easter grass on clearance, add plastic bugs, tweezers and bug boxes, and let the kids play!

  • Shawna Scimeca

    bug sensory box - use actual grass or green noodles instead of "easter grass"

  • Bright Horizons

    Insect sensory bin: Easter grass, plastic bugs and tweezers. Search for bugs with the tweezers and place them in a collection jar. Follow through to blog post for many sensory table ideas.

  • Tammy Robertson

    Bug hunt with Tweezers . We might be a little past this but such a cute idea

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Fill the table with rice. Mix in some non-magnetic plastic beads (such as colorful pony beads), magnetic marbles, and colored metal paper clips. Include a magnet wand for each child. Children explore with the magnets in the sensory table, discovering which items are magnetic and which are not, and using the magnet wands to find buried magnetic treasure.

More sensory table ideas for the little ones, such as squirting liquids with turkey basters, scooping marbles with melon ballers, searching for toy bugs in Easter grass, and lots of other ideas.

Scrubbing Veggies in the Sensory Table--- except do without soap and with real fruits and veggies. Can make predictions about float vs sink too.

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