Coloured chinos.

WOW, bonobos colorful chinos men's 100% cotton pants are amazing!

I love the color of the pants.

wear color

Definitely the look I go for! Casual button up with colored pants and cuffed at the bottom. Comfortable and classy!

.Love the green pants! // #casual #style #Men #Fashion #mensfashion #clothes #mode #look

We wish more men would be this adventurous with color! Start slow by gradually adding one colored item to your outfit, then work your way up to two per outfit (for the ultimate pop!) that are within the same color palate.


Base Summer

Red Pants

love the blue pants

Bright Colorful Bonobos men's chinos for spring!

color with texture, S/S-2014

Lacoste. I love the vibrant purple sweater with the royal blue pants. I'm not feeling the mustard polo, however, with this. Any thoughts?

Colored jeans

Colorful plaid for spring/summer

I really like the shirt and the pants but I might wear these two items separate. That brown belt on the yellow pants looks awesome.

A visual guide to choosing the right mens shoes | Raddest Men’s Fashion Looks On The Internet:

Color Block Long Sleeve Shirt

Love not only the sweater, but also the color combo between it and the corduroys.

You are guaranteed to catch my eye with a look like this. I love a man who rocks a bold color.