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so true except the pool thing, don't EVER throw me in a pool, I HATE IT

guys, if you do this, i promise she will fall for you over and over again

What the heck....u have seen it already so YES I would like to kiss you like this!!! Strong, passionate & wild kisses that leave you breathless & hungry for more!! I would so satisfy your ache & make you sore...that good soreness that you love...& maybe just maybe miss a little bit!:-* Daannnnngggg!!!!! I miss your touch & YOU!!!!!! I Love YOU Baby!!!! There is NO One like YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!***

We are way past the point of saying "I like you", but if I would've found this then, it would've totally been sent to you, my love. ♥

#lovequotes I love how my first thought was about how the wrong there was used... *they're* not there - Englishmajorprobs

The best love story... we both took risks to be together.... And turns out it was more than worth it!

I don't want a perfect boyfriend I just want someone to act silly with some who treats me well and loves being with me more than anything

. I fell in love with you the moment we met 3 and half years ago. My love for you is stronger than any love I've ever known or felt. I'll always love you, Brian. You are my best friend and truest love .