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you can call me a 'hater'' if it makes you feel better but i don't hate you i pity your sorry little meaningless existence.

If only I could share this on the walls of people I feel this way about. Sadly, they would never be on my friends list to begin with!

I know you're upset because weight watchers gave carrots one point but you know damn well ne'er one us bitches got fat eating carrots.

Funny Cry for Help Ecard: Since I'm unable to have an original thought of my own, I will just share every annoying graphic that pops up! Like or Share if you agree.

I think they should make graduation cards out of this one!

Irrational sense of entitlement. Today's generation was born with their hand out.

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Funny Breakup Ecard: Well its a pity your mother din't teach you how to treat a woman. Fortunately for me, mine taught me how to treat a douchebag.

hahaha i really wish to say this to some people...or person.

"I would call you a whore, but I think you and I both know nobody's ever going to pay for that shit." - There's no easy comeback to that insult!

Whose your Daddy?

Just kidding, you're a whore! Reminds me of a "so-called friend" who always said."I always keeps it classy, never trashy". Apparently her definition of classy included cheating on her hubby.

Woah, that was close

Woah, that was close

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These spelling mistakes are so funny that you are gonna die laughing. Really funny spelling mistakes.