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  • Tara Eakin

    Butrón castle, Spain. Its history goes back to century XI, in which a medieval tower was constructed on the old house of Butrón, founded by Gamíniz Captain on century VIII on the Porch of Gatica, on the rocky place of Ganzorri or Gantzurritz.

  • Becky Jones

    Medieval Castles | Butrón castle, Spain. Its history goes back to century XI, in which a ...

  • Amoretti in Spain

    Castillo de Butrón; Spain.

  • Shelby Lubienski

    The imposing stature of this castle against the sky illustrates Shannon Hale's descriptions of the palace and the image they evoked in my mind.

  • Cecilia Acevedo Vazquez

    Butron Castle The Butrón Castle, located in the municipality of Gatika, Spain, was constructed in the middle of the 14C. It has witnessed the factional fights that forged the history of Bizkaia. After being abandoned for several centuries and left to deteriorate, it was restored in the 19C by the architect Mr. Francisco de Cubas, who gave the castle its present romantic appearance.

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When I was little...knew a fam who rented a castle 4 their 18 children. It wasn't this dark in color. The father was the grand nephew of Franz Lizst (sp?) and the mother had been childhood neighbors of Eva and Zsa Zsa Gabor from Hungary. We played in the tower & the village kids would throw apples @ us. Painful! Don't throw apples!!!

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