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living in florida this will be kind of hard, BUT i think ireland for winter? with a hot irish redhead boy? a certain one in particular that i know of? yeah. sounds just lovely. ♥

Been on my bucket list ever since A Walk To Remember.

I would run out of room on my camera from taking so many pictures.

The movie may have a lot of actual facts wrong with it but I still go to watch it at the 15th year anniversary with the actors in it in England next to my love, best friend, soul mate, and eternal companion after he won a contest for me to go see it there!

This year!! Gotta have some simple ones - I think we'll plan a fun feast for this too -

www.starregistry.... I put this under ‘to own’, even though I suppose you don’t really OWN it. It didn’t fit anywhere else, but it seems to kind of go with the other things here. It’s still ‘yours’ in a way.

Walt Disney Studios has only released about 52 goal is to own all those on DVD.

visiting Hollywood and seeing all the Highlights including the walk of fame would be a amazing stop on a road trip

Complete! March 30th 2014. It was in London, but same thing really!