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I think this is an idea that I will definitely put into use so I can see all my scarves. it would be so much easier than searching through the dresser drawer! towel bar + shower rings = scarf holder

Good idea so I can see all my scarves towel bar + shower rings = scarf holder

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Clothes Hanger This specially designed hanger has holes to neatly display and store up to 10 scarves. The hanger puts scarf options in plain sight and eliminates rummaging through a drawer to find the perfect one. I need to find one of these.

Kinda awesome

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hanger + shower curtain rings + scarf organizer (could use a "fancy" hanger and metal hooks) great Idea

Organizing Scarves

Organization of the Scarves- shower curtain rings- on a hanger. I did this, but you know what would work better.these rings on a small curtain rod on the wall. The hanger tends to fall to one side or the other.

...very nice...[[Check out this idea for a scarf hanger using shower rings.  This saves on storage space in a drawer and in the closet and makes them all easy to see and find.]]

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Put shower rings on a hanger to hold all of your scarves. *I had a similar idea a couple of weeks ago to organize all of my belts. Mine are on open metal rings and hanging on a curtain rod put cross-ways in the closet.

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Way to keep bath linens close to the shower, and not taking up closet space Thought maybe we could get a bunch of baskets & affix them to the wall for bathroom storage in the toilet room &/or by the sink

Add shower curtain rings to a hanger to organize scarves
Personal Edit: Would you believe I couldn't find circular shower rings??? They are now making them in a C shape. Ended up buying a great circular scarf hanger. Actually bought 2, one for outside scarves to hang in the coat closet, and one for my pretty scarves that goes in my regular closet. Love them.

Add shower curtain rings to hanger for scarves. My OCD self would have to get a nice hanger with NICE curtain rings. Indont want my closet looking like a shower ring.

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