I've never seen this way of wrapping presents before, so cool!

Neat! Japanese Style Gift Wrap-Directions in Japanese, but you'll get the idea

rainbow ribbon gift wrap tutorial

szövés hatású - DIY gift wrap from the Sweetest Occasion

I love the idea of a jewel or pearl in the center of those ribbon flowers. The glitter paper is a great base... So sparkly and pretty

cool gift wrap idea!!

Cute idea. Great for mailing pkgs.

Gift wrapping

Great ribbon idea for Xmas wrap! I'm always adding new tricks to my elfish arsenal... ;)

I always need help coming up with cute bows for my gifts.

gift wrapping

Father’s Day Gift Wrapping Idea- Design a stunning gift package with tuxedo and bow tie gift wrap.

woven paper gift wrapping - pretty cute. I keep telling myself I'm going to go cheap/retro and just wrap all my Christmas presents in the funnies each year, maybe I'll try this instead :)

Wrapping Ideas... who am I kidding? But it looks awesome :)

gorgeous purple gift wrap and packaging!

gift wrapping

Paper flowers for packages or anything else!

Tissage mixte

Love the bow