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Valentines day hairdo Heart braids. make a pony tail & tie w/ band, put hair back up through middle of pony tail, split hair into two sections, twist each section away from middle, bring together and tie with band - and it sits as a heart <3 (was easy to do one...took a little work to get the three connected, but it was cute when i finished.)

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shaved oh how I love it I don't have a spiffy design though maybe next time lol

Revue November 25th 1961

Some crazy, some really cool. 100 braided/updo/colored hairstyles.

Brent Bennett's beautifully blended and detailed work was as precise as the steps he outlined for how to achieve it. Brent owns Millennium QV Emporium in Melboure, Victoria, Australia, and his work appears regularly in editorial.

Weird hair.

shaved all around then taper into long on top, sort of tin tin look with the bangs or could wear floppy for lazy day, what do you think mum?

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