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I've already pinned this...but it's so truthful that I feel the need to pin it multiple times

they're, their, there Xd

There ain't no resting bitch face here. It's minding my own damn business face, which sure as hell ain't your business!

You're like a ray of sunshine... hurting people's eyss and giving them cancer. #GrumpyCat

So true and so funny

Ha! I haven't figured that out either.

I'm dying.

She 'hates conflict,' but she excels at being passive aggressive. That way she can play the victim when someone confronts her directly.

Yup. I do it a lot. I have that brief moment that Imma die cuz I missed that one step

miranda bailey quotes | Grey's Anatomy Quotes: Miranda Bailey

THIS. SO MUCH THIS. I like that you try to compete with me.

Well, would you look at that! You helped me get to the end of my rope! Now I can strangle you with it.

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Disney's Original Troll - this is my favorite part (:

All. The. Time.

This is the. Best. Thing. Ever.

The Top 10 Funniest Katt Williams Memes - NoWayGirl


A bridge troll! I just died, lol. Oh please let me remember this so when that perfect opportunity arises, I can use it!

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