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Warm Fuzzies container - use for Tide Pods container

Homemade floam is easy to make and SO FUN! It can be molded and shaped but is also squishy and gooey. It has a really unique texture that is irresistible to touch. It is also much cheaper than the store bought stuff!

Lost and Found box made of a tide pod container

Up cycle Tide Pods Container

Pumpkins that I made out of Tide Pod containers

recycled tide pods container

Paint my containers.

I made this with a Tide pod container, some paint, lights, stickers and a funny hat.

Tide Pod container spray painted, decorated and used for recycled grocery bags.

Reused Tide Pods container for Box Tops

Use a Tide Pods container as a plastic grocery bag dispenser {featured on Home Storage Solutions 101}

5th grade Valentine's box project.... we created him from a Tide Pods container.... thought he was too cute not to share!!!

Keep cards, game, and puzzle pieces in baby wipe containers. | 35 Money-Saving DIYs For Teachers On A Budget

Good uses for Tide Pods Container - be sure to wash them out carefully. Soak one side at time in sink to loosen label, then use goo gone and detergent to gently remove adhesive to ensure a clear scratch free container.

Feed the Alphabet Monster: DIY from repurposed baby wipes container and bottle caps!

Use soap containers to keep flash cards and playing cards together. | 29 Clever Organization Hacks For Elementary School Teachers

Free: Use these to attach to supply boxes, folders, containers, cabinets, etc. 2 sizes. One sheet of labels with blank line...

Snack Tupperware containers are great for rolling dice and making sure they don’t get lost or fly across the room. | 37 Insanely Smart School Teacher Hacks

Fast Food Employee is a vocational task that shows students how to put together food orders. Studenst will follow orders with the use of visual aids when preparing them. As shown in preview, the student will take one order at a time and build the sandwich indicated along with packing the sides in the containers. To increase fine motor skills you can provide a set of tongs or tweezers to place the sides in each container.

Pampering in a Jar - warm fuzzy socks, lip balm, hand lotion or bubble bath, and some chocolates. Add a bit of ribbon and a tag. GREAT IDEA!!