Your Sense of Taste Relationship between taste and smell

FUN SCIENTIFIC METHOD ACTIVITY: This is "Sam" the gummy worm wearing a life-saver life jacket. Get your students to explore the scientific method by saving "Sam". A great and fun group activity for students to explore the scientific method: All you need is a gummy worm, a life saver, 4 paper clips and a plastic cup.

Human Body: Nervous System with brain and spinal cord activities. Make a map of the brain, or a neuron. Links to file folder games on brain and neuron as well.

This is a great chart to use with your light unit!

Balloon magic - a fun science activity where you inflate a balloon using baking soda and vinegar || Gift of Curiosity

Edible Chemistry Kit. Fun science gift website.

science activities for boys: Fart Journal, making snot, making poop, edible version of skin & blood, spoiled milk experiment, germs, and coke mentor experiment. Its all here! I love teaching boys.

explaining acids and bases

Grade 5- Life science- Human Body Systems: this allows students to visualize the structure of the respiratory system and also allows them to see how it is set up. this is a great activity to start off a lesson, to follow up you could ensure that students try and predict what each part is for and then have a follow up lesson to describe the function of each part

All about the human body with tons of projects and great ideas!

Five Senses -Great "touch" activity

Fourth Grade Physical Science Activities: Electric Science: Make a Battery!

Second Grade Life Science Activities: Butterfly Life Cycle

a lot of great ideas to do during 5 senses including koolaid smelling paint and jelly belly taste test

Transcription Translation Lab: I love this lab. I do it with my students every year. It really helps them see and understand what transcription and translation are.

atom for kids, a great activity for kids to see how an atom works. It is a simple process that kids could make quickly and learn a lot about the structure of an atom. Jennifer Guckenberger

Science Matters: Body Systems: Respiratory System: Model Lung

Kindergarten The 5 Senses Activities: Your Nose Knows! Have Fun with Smell Science

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In preschool we have been studying the five senses and this activity, matching sounds, has turned out to be one of the students' favorites.  It is an easy to prepare and creative activity to help s...