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    Why men should never be trusted. Haha

    funny auto-correct texts - Don't you just hate auto correct

    I can't stop laughing!

    story of my life hahah

    Subway is the only place I can walk into and ask for a 12 inch Italian and not feel like a slut.

    I think I have an urge to get up and clean the house. False alarm.

    So then they handcuffed me and said 'Anything you say can and will be held against you'. So I said 'Ryan Gosling.'

    No, I don't want you to file my nails, thanks.

    My life motto!

    Haha. Screening friends:)

    Favorite sayings

    so true


    comes with age....

    Welcome Aboard!!

    I love Happy Meals

    Best idea ever :)

    When you’re really angry - Funny Picture


    Lol... I specify just the ends because I've been to a lot of jackass stylists that think my hair is too long and do want to cut the middle of it. Fuck you, stylists, my long hair isn't some fantastic surprise that you need to rectify. It took years to get it this way. ...I might be bitter.

    Curly hair problem #.610 Ain't that the truth!! Goes both ways...I check the weather to determine which hairstyle is going to work. :)

    Teenager Posts

    Every teacher should be allotted a day of profanity. Just one day to tell those little bastards what you really think of them would relieve a lot.

    sweet oblivion...reminds me I need a drink!