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1920's. Deidra Brocké Wallace...I think of my beautiful mother when I look at this.....Wonderful!!!!

Cloche hat: fitted, bell-shaped hat for women that was invented by milliner Caroline Reboux; cloche is the French word for "bell"

1920's you can see her knickers, naughty girl.... probably a 'racy' postcard at the time.

Sally O'Neil, (1908-1968), was an American film actress of the 1920s. Her fame began to subside after "talkies" replaced silents; she also had a problem with stage fright which didn't help either.

If only I could be kissed with such abandon by a dude wearing loafers and no socks while holding an umbrella and wearing torn knee highs. Maybe at Pitchfork?

A little risqué but recreating this classic 20's pose would be a lot of fun and make for a sexy pic.

1910's The original poster indicated this was "Lily" and the tags that she was a British actress. Gorgeous dress.

1920's vacations to Egypt - Don't you love these two? What adventurers they are.