vintage barrettes


vintage barettes

little plastic barrettes!

vintage baby bows plastic | vintage set of 3 Baby blue hair bow barrette

<3 vintage baby keys I remember when I was a teenage babysitter ALL the babies had these<3

school desk

1969 Boy do I remember using and sleeping in these!

Pink plastic rollers

Lipstick Tubes

Vintage Fisher Price Collection. I played with some of these toys!

Love and do I remember!

Strawberry Shortcake was the stuff.


Retro 80's barrettes

Braided 80s style ribbon barretts by JustTeesandMore on Etsy

:)...I got these in my stocking for Christmas. Her little butt would move from side to side when she crawled.

Funny to see them now

REmember these???

vintage bike

remember these?