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    Wait what!? No way !

    Les Mills is excited to announce the new high intensity interval training (HIIT) solution, LES MILLS GRIT™SERIES. ‘What’s all this about!?’ you might be wondering.. Stay tuned for more information coming soon!

    10-Minute Total-Body Toning www.formulaforfat... Simple exercises to tone and strengthen your upper body, midsection, and lower body.

    Does organic food turn people into jerks? www.formulaforfat...

    Happy Birthday to me | Formula For Fat Loss | My Birthday Gift to You !!

    5 Must Know Ab Exercises Just added this Ebook as a free service to anyone searching for the truth about fitness and weight loss success. The Five ab exercises in this ebook can help you achieve the mid section of your dreams.

    Women's Weight Training to Lose Weight

    Ouch or Oh Oh !

    The Truth About Cellulite What It Is And How To Get Rid Of It… What is cellulite? In my work as a Body Transformation Specialist, one of the most common problems my women clients are faced with is the appearance of cellulite, along with stubborn lower body fat pockets that just won’t seem to go away.

    Want To Lose Weight? – Its not just the calorific values of food that can lead to fat gain, there are many reasons…..lack of sleep for example….any others anyone?

    Are Whole Grains The Best Source of Fibre? www.formulaforfat...

    Body Mass Index (BMI) and Risk of Death Infographic

    Exercise Myths

    Weights are the best form of cardio…. www.formulaforfat... Want To Lose Weight? …. try a tough set of a lower body compound exercise such as a squat for a set of 12 reps……. rest 30 seconds…… and follow up with a tough set of 12 chins ups…… rest 30 seconds and repeat three more times. I guarantee your heart and lungs will be working harder than your typical gym goer who plods along on a recumbent bike for 45 minutes!

    fomulaforfatloss.... Article by Holly Rigsby, creator of Fit Yummy Mummy, on post work out nutrition and how to create the perfect shake or drink

    fomulaforfatloss.... Formula For Fat Loss Newsletter My original Facebook image, lost in time to the Timeline changes !