Whole alphabet of monograms - good to paint on canvas.

Vintage French Monogram Letter Font

Monogram for Hand Embroidery: M – Needle’nThread.com

Monogram Alphabet

Free hand embroidery patterns: monogram of the entire alphabet

So many free embroidery patterns on this site...Monogram for Hand Embroidery

Monogram for Hand Embroidery: the Letter L

embroidery patterns for complete alphabet for monograms

Monogram Patterns for Hand Embroidery: Letters E and F – Needle’nThread.com

Monogram for Hand Embroidery: Letter K – Needle’nThread.com (This site also has the rest of the alphabet and other goodies)

Flower - Letter F

How To Create a Monogram to Print Using Microsoft Word

DIY monogram

Monograma para bordados à mão - a letra G


Get your own monogram for printables -free!

Stitch a Day from the Hand Embroidery Network (HEN) in the UK. One of these days....

Transfer text to canvas using wax paper | Place sheet of wax paper over word and trace w/ pencil {thick lines}. Flip wax paper over follow the tracing you did on the front. Make sure to put something under the wax paper to protect your table. Once the word has been traced in pencil on the reverse side, place the wax paper over your canvas and, once again, trace the letters. The graphite from your previous tracing will deposit onto your canvas, providing a guide for you to trace with paint.

Cut up a cheap poster and mod podge it onto small canvases- looks like expensive art work :) | Chic Fashion Pins : The Cutest Pins Around!!!

Doily Rub-ons & Mod Podge on Canvas

We need to do this. I need to get some canvas and paint!