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sameatschildren: aneu-weightloss: Some awesome tips for runners! I don’t run but I know plenty of followers do. The heelstrike style of running may look cool, but its no good.

Proper Running Technique- for "Girls on the Run"

Tips on Proper Running Form

I really wish I could say that I enjoyed running, but I don't. I hate it. And it doesn't lift my mood. It makes me angrier than when I started...

Whether you're ready to jump into jogging or have completed dozens of races, this detailed primer on proper running technique can help you run better and avoid injury. via SparkPeople

How to run: running form. Awesome website with lots of info on running and has beginner running plans!

It sucks but you wont get anywhere if you dont live by this #fitnessfreak #motivation

I found this website and hoped the lacing technique would keep my feet from falling asleep in my skates. It has worked so well I have no excuse to buy new skates. Darn.

Important tips on proper Running Form. Makes a big many people heel strike so much. I did until I started running after I broke my heel. Had to switch to minimalist running to avoid the huge drop that most running shoes have. Love the minimalist shoes though. Have 5 fingers and nb.