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Gutenberg's 1st Bible? The year was 1457 Johann Gutenberg is one of the most famous men who ever lived, but we know next to nothing about him. Although we can pinpoint the month and day of his death, we aren't sure of the year. All the same, if you like to read books, you owe a debt to this extraordinary inventor.

On This Day in Church History — September 28, 929 — "Good King" Wenceslas Had a Greedy Brother

Mayflower Sailed, Taking Pilgrims to New England - 1601-1700 Church History Timeline

A College Named for John Harvard - 1601-1700 Church History Timeline

MAY 31, 1578: The Catacombs of Rome were discovered. image: Accidental Discovery of Roman Catacombs - 1501-1600 Church History Timeline

Patrick Henry Makes "Liberty or Death" Speech March 23, 1775 Patrick had given significant speeches before. Thomas Jefferson said about one, "He appeared to me to speak as Homer wrote." Where had Patrick Henry learned such eloquence? Many speculate it was from Samuel Davies, Presbyterian minister in Virginia.

1st American St. Patrick's Day Celebration - 1701-1800 Church History Timeline

Buffalo Soldier Bugler by Black History Album, via Flickr

Want to inspire your daughter? Read these real stories of women who were brave enough to stand up and make a difference. Books About Women Who Changed History.

The Cloisters, NYC. This is a 14th century chapel from Austria. The effigy is 13th century. Simple and beautiful

Suffragette by Theresa Thompson, via Flickr