Our Heritage in Christ

Jesus Shone Like the Sun - AD 1-300 Church History Timeline

Votes for Women.

40 Men Died on Ice for Christ - 301-600 Church History Timeline

"Good King" Wenceslas Had a Greedy Brother - 901-1200 Church History Timeline

Frances Havergal Wrote "Take My Life and Let it Be" - 1801-1900 Church History Timeline

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John Newton Converted by Amazing Grace - 1701-1800 Church History Timeline

C. S. Lewis

#Believe in yourself for you are a child of #God .

C.S. Lewis

quotes; Each of my children are favorites for different, unique reasons

Hose Company No. 4 | 1919 African American fire fighters stationed at Hose Company No. 4, Los Angeles, CA

Buffalo Soldier Bugler by Black History Album, via Flickr

Strong women

Complete list of ALL the women in the New Testament - by Heather at Women in the Scriptures

Women Warriors of God | Fantasy Art Warrior Knight Woman Armor of God Christian Religion ...

I like this quote, especially as it pertains to the way we dress.

I believe this. I've been around people who have not known the love they've wanted, needed, sought. I have been very blessed to love and be loved.


Oscar Wilde on Morality