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  • Chelsea Kaye

    Hahahahahaha, I laughed pretty hard. These are the kinds of things I think about.

  • Aggie Clark

    Because then they would look like penguins. This made me laugh out loud.

  • Emily Holzberger

    As some random person this and see what there reaction is!

  • Mariana

    :D heee ;-) cute funny laugh laughter smile smiles funny stuff jaja haha hahaha, fun, happy pretty :) :D hi lol awww

  • Ian MmcM

    Humorous Quotes #fat #stickmen #funny #drawing

  • Kelsey

    master-dank: softcastle-mccormick: iscoredalcohol: master-dank: because American society capitalism patriarchy rape culture 9/11, obviously. Actually its because they are stick figures, no details just a bunch of lines. God damn are liberals out of their fucking minds, these people probably think that Bin Laden was a victim of 9/11. I totally remember this, thinking “i know people on tumblr are fucking stupid” and laughed. now it’s real.

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sorcery! How can she be doing this with her HELMET in the WAY?!!!! LMBO!! Gotta love SpongeBob!!

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Chandler and Joey. It's ridiculous how much this made me laugh. :]:]

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Hahahaaa. I LOVE this story, and my 19 year old daughter does, too. One of my last real "discussions" in the classroom involved a statement I made about having to "get out the sewing machine last night"..... A student (several) thought I was just being stupid (Science-fictiony) w/them... Had NEVER seen or heard of a sewing machine..... and we're in GEORGIA.....

Haha I can totally be this lazy to where if you were if you were to ask me a question I wont answer till like 3mins later!!! So don't ask something till after im lazy... okay?

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