(Apparently?) old photo of a woman holding a gun (this is ominous).

What is going on here. Woman with gun found photo forest valley vintage portrait picture

Gavito & Marcela ... The Master of the Masters of Tango

Marcela Duran and Carlos Gavito from the famous Broadway Show "Forever Tango" by Luis Bravo. An iconic couple who boomed international interest in Argentine Tango with their artistic style.

girls know their stuff by echkbet

girls know their stuff by echkbet

Viva by Diane Arbus

Net Photo: Diane Arbus: Image ID: . Pic of Diane Arbus - Latest Diane Arbus Image.

Kurt Cobain  (god didnt do him any good in the end.... jus sayn....  mena  =)

Believe in the Lord Kurt Cobian. Funny pic I saw of Cobain. i voted up on accident this post sucked kurt cobain Nirvana Jesus


He Has His Priorities In Order. 14 months at sea. First time seeing baby. Baby is only cooked for 9 months. If dad hasn't been home in 14 months that baby isn't his.

Big Bang Kiss Fine Art Print by Lora Zombie - Available in a variety of sizes starting at $39 at Eyes On Walls www.eyesonwalls.com/ #art #gifts

Big Bang Kiss

Big Bang Kiss Wall Mural by Lora Zombie by Eyes on Walls at Gilt

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Quote Print I love the lyrics to this song and would love to incorporate it onto the sheet music in a whimsical and colorful way

Love this from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang! I sang that to my boys when they were babies.

Joel Penkman // Food as Art

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