Farm Cats - Too darn cute!!!!!!!

✮ Way of transport for baby giraffe By ---- ✯ Mode de transport du bébé girafe Par

You Shall Not Pass, Dog

Got milk?

Farm friends....

Cat and Dolphins playing together


Oh now this is funny!

Don't mind us. Just napping in our food bowls #cats #kittens #socute

Bench full of cats - the one all stretched out, funny

I will always repin this.

HAHA! You can just picture it happening!

(The dreaded Christmas sweater) You've had your fun, now TAKE IT OFF! This cat gives Grumpy cat a run for his money...

Oh my...too funny.

Little kitty.


House cats pictures taken at the right time (25 photos)...this just made my day!

This is why I love cats :)