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    • Kathleen Carroll

      Hi. My name is Jim. I accidently hit your car and someone saw me so I'm pretending to write down my details. -SORRY -Jim

    • Bethann

      For those of us who have a dark side to our humor- sometimes this seems funny and sometimes I want to hit "Jim".

    • Tiffany Sams

      I didn't even get one of these when some bitch backed into my car. -_- At least "Jim" took the effort to let the person know their car was hit...

    • Nancy McFalls - Endless Entertainment & Humor humor #quotes, #funny

    • Kinzy Hale

      So, because of a few....concerned.... for a lack of better words...people, im going to clear this up. I am 14 years old. I cannot drive. I can drive a golf cart and a barbie jeep and thats it. I repinned this and just didnt delete what the previous pinner said. And im not saying that the previous pinner actually did this. It was on the humor section of pinterest, and I repinned. I dont actually do the things I repin, I instead find joy in reading on the couch and repinning. Thanks for the concern, I hope everyone understands that I would never actually do this, but you shouldnt jump to conclusions.

    • Melissa Gomes

      not sure whether this is mean or funny, but I still laughed

    • Carol Wright

      "Jim" is a jerk - lol...not funny but still kinda funny

    • Annette Williams Vogel

      So many things to say about Jim.....

    • Marlene Vargas

      Funny Pictures – 37 Pics

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    I'm sorry and my bad mean the same thing ... unless you are at a funeral haha


    I laughed way too hard at this.


    This is FUNNY

    this is ridiculous!!! who orders a broom online? that's what Target is for. (I also like the cat looking at the box. "Open it already! So i can get in it!"

    This made me laugh so hard! This is so messed up.

    What is up

    Thanks everyone sending me some good laughs today, I really, really needed it! So, in return ... I thought I'd share a little giggle with you too! Enjoy! #funny

    lmao.. too funny

    First World Problems

    Bought worlds most expensive pants for #funny #bought #worlds #expensive #pants #humor #comedy #lol

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    So funny!

    i love Julianne Moore. this is sad. i can just see someone like Jennifer Lawrence not putting up with that shit. she would be like "omg my fucking feet hurt".. well, at least I would. it's a real person thing to do to say the least.

    I would laugh so hard if I got this