This bell is hand made and tuned to give the sound needed to permeate any room and clear unwanted vibrations. This type bell is widely used for space clearing in the Chinese practice of Feng Shui. Sound is one of the most powerful influences in our daily life. Bells tend to provide a gentle focus for the clearing of the mind. One can ring a bell, following the sound with ones attention to clear mental chatter. Using the bells in this way produces a sense of stillness, clarity ...


The FIVE ELEMENTS of Feng Shui

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Space clearing can transform your home. Bells are an ancient form of space cleansing - the bells ringing out from church are cleansing the whole parish...

Space Clearing and Feng Shui: What is Space Clearing?

The Feng Shui Art of Space Clearing

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Feng Shui is a time-honored, Chinese aesthetic healing tradition whose practitioners seek to achieve harmony & balance in clients' lives by properly arranging their homes and business environments. Though ancient, the practical philosophy of Feng Shui remains current today and pulls greatly from what we would term "green" or "eco-friendly" ideals by seeking effective design solutions that encourage holistic coexistence with nature.

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This bell is widely used for space clearing in Chinese practice of Feng Shui. Bell stands approximately 7.5 inches tall.

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Candle light - it creates a sacred space. Use of candles for good feng shui:

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Incense smoke...we use incense in our spiritual practices and ceremonies...but also for space clearing in Fung Shui.

Feng Shui Home Design Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese method of achieving harmony through the arrangement of items and space.