Fringe scarf.

The Bina - Multiple possibilities with just one item that fits right in your purse. How to wear it as a poncho.

20 DIY Ideas For Scarf Which Is Going To Be Trendy This Spring 2013


This lady has a bunch of clothes refashions that are totally great ! It inspires me to want to try to do some!!

Tshirt recycling, the pinterest way.


something to make: Cami Bands - can use to lengthen shirts or up top for shirts that are low-cut.

DIY Tissue paper flowers

☼ pin: @lianaxmora ☼

New back to an old shirt

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DIY Tshirt Headband ♥ Click here for more DIY inspiration!

DIY Scarf Organizer - #diy

Recycle old T-shirts into pretty bracelets. Easy magnet closure! Great Idea for friendship bracelets

DIY Old T-Shirt rug. I am so gonna try this!


heart shirt...super pretty!

I love this shirt! To the previous pinner: If you don't take a cheap t-shirt and make something else with it, you'll just be going to the store and buying the exact same thing for $30-$100 that you could have made for $5 or less. THAT is the point of cutting up "a perfectly good t-shirt"

Old T-shirt