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Slow-Cooked Bread Pudding Recipe from Taste of Home -- shared by Maiah Albi of Carlsbad, California

Slow-Cooked Bread Pudding

Slow-Cooked Bread Pudding Slow Cooker Recipe from Taste of Home -- shared by Maiah Albi of Carlsbad, California

Yummy Crock Pot Artichokes!

Crockpot Artichokes

Crock Pot Artichokes - with lemon, olive oil, wine and garlic. I love artichokes, didn't know you could cook them in a crock pot!

Slow Cooker Eggs Benedict      12 eggs, hard-boiled, cut up     16 oz. sausage, smokie cheese links (cut into small pieces or use the "little smokies")     1/2 c. butter or 1/2 c. margarine     1/4 c. flour     1/2 c. milk     1/2 lb Velveeta cheese     10 3/4 oz. soup, cream of mushroom, canned (99.9% fat free works fine)     6 English muffins (or use crimp bread)

Crock Pot Eggs Benedict (Are you kidding me? Call it creamy cheese eggs on toast. And I see absolutely no reason to use a crock-pot. Cook on low on the stove.

A Year of Slow Cooking: CrockPot Cheesecake Recipe. Add 2-3 T of pumpkin spice syrup for pumpkin cheesecake. Yum!!

CrockPot Cheesecake Recipe

Slow Cooker Peach Dump Cake Tip:  Use other fruit like apple pie filling!

frozen peaches, 1 T. vanilla, c. brown sugar, t. jiffy white cake mix or of pkg of a 2 layer size white cake mix) 4 T.

Yummiest Slow Cooker Beef Vegetable Soup

Crock Pot Yummiest Vegetable Beef Soup I have some failed brisket, came out way too tough, I think I'll cut it into little cubes and make this soup out of it.