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  • Kim Alegrete

    The secret to serving size This is extremely helpful! Everyone should know these basics for when you don’t have measuring utensils! Never just “eye ball” portion sizes! You almost always go over!

  • Brygida Alger

    Determine serving size with your hand. | Community Post: 35 Clever Food Hacks That Will Change Your Life

  • Jonathan Preskow Catering

    The secret to serving size is in your hand. #serving #portioncontrol

  • Aspen Country

    Healthy Eating Tips: The secret to a serving size

  • Caroline Poirier

    Portion sizes made easy. Great site for healthy food and exercises for ppl in their twenties!

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Picture Perfect Portion Sizes

Size portions. They all sound doable except the ice cream? Really? 2 ping pong balls? Lol riggght

Starbuck's secret menu... I've ordered many of these.. and the people at Starbucks look at you like your crazy!! But soo delicious!!