how to prep a sweet potato for planting

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Green onions, replant root ends & grow new ones. Ready to in about a month. From frugal homesteads blog - Click image to find more Gardening Pinterest pins

What Not to Plant Together – Gardening Tips

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Lay down a thick layer of CARDBOARD in your raised garden beds to kill the grass. It is perfectly safe to use and will fully decompose, but not before killing any grass below it. They’ll also provide compost and food for worms.

Spray the plant with Epsom salts (1 teaspoon dissolved in a spray bottle of warm water (about 4 cups). That gives the pepper plant a boost of magnesium that is required at flowering time to produce fruit. Spray them again 10 days later and in a few weeks, our expert friends report, you will have more peppers than you can eat.

Use cinnamon as a substitute for rooting hormone. It also kills fungus and bacteria at the same time. I will never buy Rootone again : ) - Click image to find more Gardening Pinterest pins

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Natural Weed Killer :1 gallon vinegar, 1/2 cup salt, dash of dish washing detergent (makes it stick to the weeds). Mix well, spray on weeds in the morning, rejoice in their death that evening. This works best on a sunny day.

Home Joys: Growing Sweet Potatoes.

10 mistakes new herb gardeners make (and how to avoid them!) ... could have used this info last summer! Better late, than never...

Potato Towers: Sunset Magazine


what a good idea. your own inexpensive vine trellis. would look cute in a corner of your yard with a bird bath underneath

When a cucumber is taken from the vine let it be cut with a knife, leaving about an eighth of an inch of the cucumber on the stem, then slit the stem with the knife from its end to the vine leaving a small portion of the cucumber on each division and on each separate slip there will be a new cucumber as large as the first. WHAT.

A "potato tower" - grow potatoes in a vertical space, save your garden space.

Rooting basil. Select clippings from a mature basil plant. "Step two: Put clippings in little cups of water and set in a sunny windowsill. (Indirect is nice so you don't fry them!)" wait. When they have white roots, plant in dirt.