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    cell division

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    Cell Division, Mitosis, & Meiosis.

    Over 30 interactive science notebook activities for cells! Characteristics and needs of life, levels of organization, cell theory, microscope parts, Robert Hooke, eukaryotic and prokaryotic cell comparison, cell organelle structure and function, osmotic solutions, cellular respiration and photosynthesis, mitosis, active and passive transport, and MORE!

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    Biology Lab: Kinetics of Cell Division. Review and reinforce the stages of mitosis.

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    This is part of an onion plant magnified about 40 times so you can see individual cells. Why do some of the cells have stringy parts instead of round nuclei? Click-thru to find out!

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    Mitosis donuts! - use donuts to explain the basic stages of mitosis with sprinkles to indicate the more complex components of cell division AAAS Science Benchmark (The Living Environment)-Cells repeatedly divide to make more cells for growth and repair.

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    Beware of phagocytosis.

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