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Relax, it is okay to be loved, nurtured, and appreciated. This is what your soul does best! #yoga #love

32 Pictures You Need To See Before You Die - why?? I really didn't NEED to see this abused cat. Overfed and overweight is cruelty to animals in my books. Why???

“Big Turtle Little Turtle, Ixtapilla, Mexico” by Brian Overcast

Sorry, I just had to add him, he looks like he's looking out at the pond on a rainy spring day, lol

Neopolitan Blue Mastiff ... that's about the cutest thing I've ever seen

This is my serious face :). I think I may have to get one of these dogs! Adorable!

When did the big bang take place / RageComics :)

I want my cat to love me this much! ...oh yeah, and be a lion. The sad thing about these trainers Is the cats usually turn on them. Dangerous job

Big Brother! Ha ha this made me laugh, reminds me of my sister and I when we were little :)