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Retro Everything Handed to Me Tin Sign 12.5 x 16 Inches

Dave here. A guy. This blog is about good stuff that I like that's been around. No theme...unless controlled chaos is a theme. It's about as varied & scattered as my mind is., but you should know what to expect. Thanks for stopping by..

from Berry

It’s a girl thing (38 photos)

You went from fine dining to reduced-fare lunch, silly boy. Don't mind me when I upgrade. :)

You say my morals are old fashioned? I say it's a sign of being brought up properly. (actually you might be surprised how many people admire you for sticking to a higher standard-not al but there are some out there who do.)

from YourTango

20 Funny Quotes That Remind You That Karma Is ALWAYS Watching

Funny Flirting Ecard: I always worry about the safety of my children. Especially the daughter who is talking back to me right now.