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That's not fair, the cake doesn't have legs.

Rory: Our house is burning and you can save the cake or me. What do you do? Lorelei: That's not fair. The cake doesn't have legs. - Gilmore Girls ***LOVE IT!

rory and lorelai -- gilmore girls

24 Signs You And Your Mom Are Actually The Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls Rory: I can't finish all this and sleep at the same time. Lorelai: You have to sleep. It's what keeps you pretty. Rory: Who cares if I'm pretty if I fail my finals? Lorelai: Oh-kay. You've got this so completely backwards

Boy Meets World and Words of wisdom...accept it and you'll be happy

Boy Meets World. Cory Matthews makes me laugh every single episode!

Boy Meets World- has one of my favourite quotes, lose one friend- lose all friends - lose yourself.

lose one friend/lose all friends/lose yourself -some deep words from Eric Matthews, Boy Meets World

Oh you two...

ahahahhaha so fun! i remember this episode. suprisely Cory & Topanga wasn`t meant 4 each other! Eric was the best part of Boy Meets World Lol my boyfriend & I always tell each other useless facts about each other just incase this ever happens

Oh shawn.

That one time Cory thought he would die from getting his tonsils removed and…