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  • Jane Brazell

    The couch that folds out to bunk beds or the TARDIS bed.

  • Amber Pelkey

    I KNOW I need the TARDIS bed! And the bird's nest would be cute in a girl's bedroom.

  • Alisha Wilson

    Crazy beds#! Love the Birds nest.

  • Gringo G.

    Quirky, crazy and all around amazing beds. - I LOVE the Doctor Who and the Bird's nest bed.

  • elyse dye

    insanely cool beds especially the birds nest

  • Sierra Storm

    If I had a dream house, every single one of these beds would be in it.

  • Kate Widner

    Awesome beds! Story book, TARDIS, couch into bunk beds, roller coaster?! I want them all!!

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no space wasted netting relax area over stairwell. great idea

Any of these for my bedroom would be enough, thank you very much. Gahhhh so cool :(( #9GAG

A company called Blandito has designed a circular, foldable pillow that can be manipulated into many shapes (bed, chair, cubbies of different kinds.) Extra larges for adults as well as children's size. I can see this being great biofeedback for sensory averse/craving children. Too bad it's still in the design phase!

ive never seen this level of perfection...... a closed in window-open reading nook.. #need

this is the last thing I need, but it is pretty amazing!

Can't leave your home to refill the bird feeders? Now you don't have to! How long before someone invents a nest box version of this?

lowered bed, so cool- but i would never be able to get up...

The amazing HotTug..... another item to put on the If I ever become stupid rich list

Amazing outdoor nest bed. HOW SWEET IS THIS!?!?

The dark and light blue colors of the blankets, pillows and back wall are cool colors. They give the room a relaxed and calm feeling. They are toned down to give less energy.