25 clever ideas I *should* have come up with, but didn't


Too cute- eggs

The before and after pictures have the hot dogs different. So Im not sure if this actually works, but its worth a shot!

Wilton® ice cream cookie bowl pan - fun way to serve ice cream sundaes—this tool is ideal for baking cookies in the shape of cups. They make the perfect containers for a DIY ice cream bar. They work perfectly for mini cakes, too!

Easy heart shaped Valentines Day cake recipe idea!

Chicken themed food - these hens are adorable and easy! Great for Easter

Octopus hotdogs

Adorable sea turtle cupcakes. LOVE!

Huevos de colores!!!

How to make heart shaped eggs - sooooo cute

Good for kids to do

Easy Heart Cake - one 8 inch Round and one 8 inch Square Valentine's day is coming

Kind of late for Easter but it would be a great idea for kids :) How to make bunnies from peeled hardboiled eggs

so cute! :D

For your favorite Valentine.....

Healthy Valentine Snacks - whole grain crackers with heart shaped cheese cutouts. Perfect for kids who cant handle the sugar!

These are so cute! I love deviled eggs!

Pink Ice Cream Sandwiches

Heart shaped watermelon cute idea for the punch

Owl pancakes <3