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tons of creative visuals for writing workshop

Take a sneak peek into these writing workshops. You'll see classroom anchor charts, celebrations, student writing, and more.

The Basics of Writer's Workshop - I love the idea of a chart to show kids exactly what they will be doing and what they are expected to be doing.

Writer's Workshop: The Basics of Writer's Anchor Chart for Writer’s Workshop. Cunningham on page describes the process of Writer’s Workshop. This is a visual representation of what this section suggests.

I came across this and I think these little responsibilities are so cute! I think that it can help students refer back to it and know what they need to be doing when they are writing in their journals.

Writer's workshop responsibilities anchor chart to have up when workshops are happening. This way students can run their workshops on their own and I can observe each group and interject when necessary.

personal narrative 2nd grade by melody

This is an excellent anchor chart to teach about the Personal Narrative writing. It has an example and provides information of what to write in a personal narrative writing.

TONS of anchor charts to go with Lucy Calkins writing lessons!!

Can't go wrong with The Reading & Writing Project site (Teachers College). Excellent anchor charts for student writing, reading

What to do when you think you are done... Done? Not Yet!

When you think you are done, you've just begun. after making bookmark, make a smaller version into student laminated cards or add to mini offices, or tape into writing folders/journals.as a reminder

Writing charts- narrative

You may be launching your writing workshops in September with a unit that invites students to write small moments or personal narratives lik.

Anchor chart for writing long off of post its

Complete anchor chart with whole class to give strategies to write long off one idea. Hang anchor chart in classroom for students to refer to in future writings.