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I want to sink my toes into the sand, feel the warm breeze, smell the ocean air and sit quietly as the sun shines down upon me. Can we leave now?


The smell of the ocean never gets old.look forward to that smell every year!

The beach was so gorgeous today.  Record temps and beautiful view. (Unless you have to schlep all of the stuff yourself for yourself and two young kids, then not so fun)

Keep Calm and Think of the Beach! Love this.perfect for the beach house!

Inner peace

It's a NEW DAY! Inhale positivity, happiness and light. Exhale stress, sadness and fear. Feed your soul with good thoughts and let everything else . go ☀️ Just breathe.

Salt water

Growing up near the beach, this quote by Isak DInesen came to be my favorite. The cure of anything is salt water, sweat, tears, or the sea.

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Crystal clear water, blue skies and tropical palm trees. Every thing summer provides in one picture!