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all you need to do is blow up some balloons, get white yarn, dip the yarn in a mixture of corn starch, water and elmers glue. dip the yarn in the mixture and wrap it around the balloon. let it sit and dry and then pop the balloon...voila :)

doily lamp with a huge balloon and wallpaper paste. Once dry, after a few days, pop the balloon and hang with a basic lamp kit from the ceiling.

from BuzzFeed

46 Awesome String-Light DIYs For Any Occasion

{Hula Hoop} Chandelier.... Hula Hoop, lights and Lace! Cool, inexpensive craft and storage of your hoop durring the outdoor music festival season:)

Como fazer luminária de renda com cola e balão de festa - Decore com originalidade ~ VillarteDesign Artesanato.

hang a blown up balloon from a string. dip lace doilies in wallpaper glue and wrap on balloon. once they're dry, pop the balloon and add tea light candle--------great wedding idea