Probably the best way to wake somebody up.

This person who is aware of their surroundings. | 25 People Who Have Nailed This Flirting Thing

So cute! Love emoji

Several very funny ways to scare the crap out of hotel maids... using laundry.: Bucket List, Giggle, Funny Stuff, Scare Hotel, Hotels

Not really but still funny hahaha

So want to do this(:


hahahahahaha this is classic literally


Why is this funny?


this is too funny

I am so going to do some looking through craigs list .. my mind is racing .. this is hilarious ...

The 21 Most Awkward Situations In History. this is HILARIOUS!!!!

This Guy Handles Texting His Cheating Ex-Girlfriend Like A Champion (Photos)<< YOUR AN INSIPRATION TO US ALL KANE

So funny!! just like when FOX news used a photo of a couple getting married; yet they didn't see it was a lesbian couple lol

This girl is so funny

April fools!!! oh wow! Lmao! Although it probably wouldn't be funny if someone did this to me!!

Texts from mom and dad…hahah