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Mariposa 88 / The 88 Butterfly (Diaethria clymena) :: This butterfly is found in South America. On the upper side it is black with blue bands at the margins. The underside of the hind wing has a typical black-and-white pattern showing an "88" or "89". The underside of the forewing is red with black and white stripes near the tip. This butterfly lives in wet tropical forests, where it lives on rotting fruit and dung. It flies from March to November.

Red-spotted Jezebel (Delias aganippe)

Blue Morpho Butterfly (Morpho paledes) underside wings | When these open their wings you can see the most incredible blue colour while the underside shows 7 fake eyes.

ʚĭɞnatureza - Silver & Black Butterfly

Lovely orange blossom with a pretty black and yellow butterfly

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[Chinese peacock] This pretty butterfly has such a beautiful shape and the colors are so nice in this photo. ♥ Vivayne

beautiful colours / "Impossível progredir sem mudança, e aqueles que não mudam suas mentes, não podem mudar nada." (George Bernard Shaw)