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Who Let the Letters Out, funny because my kids are obsessed with "Who Let the Dogs Out"

Let's Learn The Letters of The Alphabet A-Z! 600+ pages of letter sound fun, including letter crowns, letter bracelet, printing practice pages, letter sound coloring pages and much much more! $

2 MP3's and 21 pages of common core aligned Letter M printables (or app-tivities as I have affectionately named them for their iPad theme) are included! The "Letter M song" and "Letter M Rap" will engage students in acquiring their letter sounds together and create memorable learning experiences. In the "Letter M" rap there are phrases that allow the students to mimic the letter sound in unison, reinforcing the M sound in a fun way! Perfect for LETTER OF THE WEEK. $

Place the letters into the mixing bowl and have the students help you stir the alphabet soup. Each student then gets a turn the dip a letter or letters into their soup bowls. After they dip they identify the letters, letter sounds or both

Letter Tales - Dr. Jean (tune of Gilligan's Island)

Phonics Pin 1 Each student will receive a card that has 5 different pictures on it. The students will then look at each individual picture and state what the picture is of. Students will then have to match the correct letter tile to that specific picture by listening to the sound relationship.

Who let the Letters Out? Going to use this Dr. Jean song to teach letter sounds! :)

Dr Jean... file contains 26 Large Capital Letter Limericks and Poems cards. Been looking for this. Free!

Use what you have for a letter sounds game for your kids in this Super Simple Letter Sounds Match | This Reading Mama

I Have, Who Has? Alphabet. Great for kindergarten! Learn letter names or letter sounds. Available in French.

Letter Sounds... good for quieter singing to calm them down.