these eye-popping images will make you exclaim outloud! Pinning so I can finish looking later, I only got to 19, and wow!

I am never tying my shoelaces boring again..


Awesome resource for figuring how what to write in a greeting card

for science? what a great visual

Love this picture! :)

Amazing story

Such a beautiful photo - from Clark Little

I'm just repining 'cause its cool.

Illegal pyramid photo

over the moon

More than just photographs

Professional photographers give you easy to follow tips with examples on how to take the perfect portrait photograph of your family. #photographytips| re-pinned this because we are trying to make the pinup community a little bit better.

Great picture.

Invisible Reflection...very cool.

TONS of freebies, tutorials, and techniques on taking and editing the perfect pictures.

OMG! Homemade Skeeball Game.... I want to this! Skeeball is my favorite!!!!

Make a secret stash of inappropriate pictures and compile for their 18th birthday and graduation. Funniest thing ever