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Reasons for drinking...

31 Parents Share The Funniest Thing Their Kid Has Ever Said Or Done ... My 3-year-old daughter climbed on my lap wearing a dress but no panties. I told her she needed to put on some underwear and she looked at me and said, “My vagina’s like, ‘I’m just gonna chill.’” And when she talked for her vagina, it had a deep voice. Like a man.

love emperor's new groove - On an unrelated note, freaking Joshua Hales! I always wanted to be shorter until he was taller than me, and then I was like, "You know what? Being a little bit taller wouldn't be so bad." And now Trevor's taller than me, and I just... Guys. Stahp. You're my little brother, and the friend who's always endured the "I'm older than you" for 1/3 of every year, and.... If i've freaking grown up with you, you aren't allowed to be taller than me, that's the rule, okay?

I love the princes. I love Harry openly teasing William on his hair loss. I love William getting even by reminding Harry that he's a ginger. :)

His wife, Evie Colbert is really cool. :) My mom used to tell me the same thing!!!

Yet another reason I shouldn't be a mother. I would totally kick the kids ass in any game.

Allison Judah Remember that one time you and Bethany loaded up Bethany's pink Barbie jeep with snacks and said you going to Jonesboro, but turned around after you got to the end of our driveway?

Since school elections don't really matter, there's no reason not to have fun with campaigning.

I would've done all I could to help further their cause.

Guys checking out girls: what they think they look like vs. what they look like.